Overview Preview

This course is designed specifically for kids ages 8-12. Its set up to be fun and easy to understand and follow along with. There are 5 categories of info we will cover.

•History of Photography/Toolkit- we will discuss the history of photography, and the most common tools of the trade/what they are, and how/when they are used
•Exposure (3 Kings) - we will go over the 3 kings of proper exposure (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture) Then there are printable cards to be used as a study guide or as a matching game
•Camera Settings- what they are, how and when they are used
•Composition- what is it and how learning it and using it can help you create awesome images
•Lighting, Posing, Careers in Photography- we will discuss briefly proper lighting, posing and different types of careers in photography that are possible.

Along the way, there are assignments, printable games, and info fact sheets as well as a 60 page power point presentation with full details and sample images for each topic of discussion.

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